What is DearClover?

DearClover is a place to ask or give personal advice. It is modeled after traditional advice columns except you can be the columnist.

Does DearClover have any rules on what may be posted?

The site's focus is on personal advice such as relationships, family situations or etiquette. DearClover reserves the right to remove questions that are deemed to be off-topic or inappropriate.

All users of the site are expected to be civil. Trollish and rude behavior will not be tolerated. In addition, when asking for advice and giving feedback, improper grammar and quick one liners are not acceptable.

And - must we say it? - marketing or advertising messages are not allowed.

Is that all? Are there any guidelines for posting on DearClover?

For the best response to your query, make sure to keep it succinct and specific. While keeping it brief, give enough details in your question for the community to give you relevant advice. Make sure not to include personally identifying information such as phone numbers or addresses.

Does DearClover allow sexually explicit posts?

No. Feel free to comment about sexual matters but in a way that's not explicit. Pretend your post will be published in your local newspaper for a family audience and adjust your language accordingly.

Why was my question changed after I posted it?

DearClover reserves the right to edit posts for length or clarity. If you think your post was edited inappropriately, please contact us at support@dearclover.com with your concern.

Is an account necessary to use DearClover?

An account is not necessary to browse content or to ask for advice. However, an account is required if you want to answer questions. We recommend you open an account even if you are only asking for advice because you can follow your question and sign up for notifications as your question is answered. To sign up for a FREE account, click the Sign up link at the top right.

What do the symbols next to an adviser's name mean?

These symbols indicate the number of votes an adviser has received. A gray symbol indicates an inactive adviser.

I've read your FAQ and still don't have an answer to my question. Now what?

Send a note to support@dearclover.com and we will get back to you with an answer ASAP.