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Dear Clover,5 years ago

I been with this awesome guy for six months every thing was going great had maybe like three arguements just all out seem to be happ with each other, then all of a sudden i'm preggo dont really need a child right now ad timing i have two kids and he have one so anyway i end up misscarrying like after a week of telling him so i get home from the hospital then he comes over and tell me he have a hard time believing me,im so emotional hurt im confused why would he think that about me ok the reson being is because the night before he ask me if anything happen to call him and just include him i did not include him which is bad but im a very private person i was in a terrible relationship for 11 yrs im use to doing every thing myself and just dont want peple to look down on me kinda dumb but anyway i just dont understand why is he ignoring my calls and he say he love me then why act this way he wanted proof ultrasound pic and labs saying i was preggo im just really hurt and im totally giving up on this im tired and my heart hurt advice please


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Dear bent,5 years ago

Actions speak louder than words. So ignore his words. Get this guy out of your life and move on.


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Dear bent,5 years ago

I totally agree with Holly70, you don't need this guy in your life. I think you also know it's true, but are afraid of being without him. You aren't realizing how he is bringing you down to his level by staying with him. Get out while you can and work on yourself for awhile before jumping into another relationship. You need to have pride and respect for yourself before others will treat you as such. Stand on your own two feet and walk out the door without looking back.