Valentine's Day Gift for Guys???

Dear Clover,5 years ago

What would be a good gift for your wife/gf to get you for Valentine's day? This is my first Valentine's Day with my husband (we met each other last April and were married in November) and I have no idea! Any ideas?

Unsure Gifter

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Dear Unsure Gifter,5 years ago

It's usually guys that are clueless about what to do so I suggest making plans together. If he doesn't express any preferences, then you should take charge. For example, you could ask him to select a place to go for a nice dinner. It's better if you can get your expectations set now and avoid the disappointment that may occur if one person spends a lot of time finding just the right gift and the other does next to nothing at all. Chances are he'll like intimacy and romance more than chocolate or cufflinks anyway. However if you really want to give him something, how about a pair of David Beckham brand underwear? :-)


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Dear Unsure Gifter,5 years ago

Do not spend a dime. Find several ways of showing him how much you love him on Valentines day that cost $0.00! These will be the things that he will cherish the most. Do not forget to end the day with a smile and in each other's arms.
I believe this is good advice for any day of the year.


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Dear Unsure Gifter,5 years ago

Guys like food, and some like candy. Some might like tickets to a NASCAR race or a sporting event, but what we all like best is special Valentines Day "alone time". You know what I'm talking about. Extra special affection that will make him think back on February 14th and wish every month (heck, every week) had a Valentines day. Whatever you decide, it sounds as if your guy is extremely lucky to have a wife you cares so much about making him happy. It's sweet and heart warming.