Super-Critical Mother

Dear Clover,5 years ago

My mom has always been super critical and a negative person. I guess I started not wanting anything to do with her around the time my first child was born. It's a long story, but the bottom line is she made some unbelievable comments about my newborn baby. While everyone else was telling me how beautiful she was, all she could do was find fault. That is how she was with me and still is. I'm never just right, either too thin, or too fat. I can't stand to be around her or even talk to her on the phone, it always turns ugly. She is impossible to talk to and is never wrong. She knows our relationship is broken but blames it all on me. But I don't want to just wash my hands of her either. In other ways she has been a good mother and helped me out in many ways, financially and otherwise. I don't know what I can do but I'm hoping you have some good advice for me.


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Dear savannah99,5 years ago

I think the best thing for you to do is to talk to your mother about what you are feeling. Be completely honest and tell her how it makes you feel when she criticizes you. Be sure that you don't get overly defensive or upset. Talk to her in a calm manner and do not criticize her in return. Listen to what she has to say and be open to what she tells you. Maybe there are areas which you could improve upon to help strengthen the relationship with your mother. Do not give up, you only have one mother, and the relationship is worth putting work into.


Dear savannah99,5 years ago

1. From this passage, I can understand your mother??s natural habit . I thought in her life she will met lot of disappointment and lot of failures. That is reason for her to find out the faults of others. If you take her to good doctor, it may cure.
2. In the age of older lot of the parents are like this only. Because they have no work. They have lot of leisure time. At that time they simply sitting and watching TV, reading News papers or magazines. On that their mind is not really setting. They need real loving people to share their thoughts. If they live lonely it will increase that type of characters. So please spend more time with her, whatever she does. I or all of us know they are doing wrong. But ignore her words just talk with her, and she must believes, that you are love her with true heart. It is not easy one. But she is mother. Only thing is she is old aged mother. Surely she will die because of the age. Upto that time we must bare all the things. LORD JESUS CHRIST WILL GIVE YOU THE REWARD FOR THAT.
3. Go to local good preacher or evangelist, and tell them to your problem, they will give good solution for that. If they meet her and tell the true love of Christ Jesus, and they will teach how the children of Jesus Christ lived in this world. When hearing this, she will know the things and do the correct things. If she loves everybody she never talks like this.
4. I trust in LORD JESUS CHRIST, if we pray in true heart and believe in him he will change all the things. God made us for to live happy and peace fully. Her character is belonging to the Satan??s character. It will change when we pray her. I will pray her. If you believe in Jesus Christ, my LORD will change this situation.