Not Hopeless (I Hope)

Dear Clover,5 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for a 20-something male?

I'm still a virgin, never been kissed, never even had a date.

I know what you're thinking -- he's a big fat loser. But no, I'm 5'10", about 165 pounds. I have an engineering degree and a pretty good job.

My problem is 1) I don't know where to meet people, 2) I don't know what to say, and 3) I'm too shy to say it anyway.

So, is there any hope?

Not a Loser

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Dear Not a Loser,5 years ago

Yes, there is a hope of everything.First thing you should do is start thinking that you are a winner, frank, smart and handsome guy. Second thing start making conversation with the people beside you. Keep a smile on your face and interact with your colleagues. Stand in front of mirror and talk to yourself for half an hour on any topic, make this as your habit. On social networking sites build your network and chat with your friends. I will suggest you to read one book ??You can win? by Shiv Khera. Keep telling yourself that I am not a shy person and you will be not.
Second thing you should do that start visiting social networking websites and try to meet good people over there.It will be really helpful.


Dear Not a Loser,5 years ago

First of all I would like to appreciate and congratulate you because in the current situation where people are loosing their jobs or ending up in a job with low pay you seem to be enjoying your job pretty much and that too in a young age. Now coming to your problem about the kissing, dating and being a virgin is not a big deal. I have seen the world much more than you did and these thing eventually happen in a persons life. But still, every girl would like you to be on her side based upon your description of a good height and financially stable job. All you need to do is to find the right girl. Internet is the best friend, shopping malls and public places will be of great help. When you find her, first make her your friend, praise her for her beauty, make her feel that she is important for you, try out for a date and finally ask her for it.


Dear Not a Loser,5 years ago

Dear Winner!

Yes I choose to call you winner 'cause I can relate to you.
Although not really endowed with such great physique, I am similarly like you, a virgin who had to take his cousin to the prom.

I used to think that I was an extrovert, but meeting new people would have me rethink otherwise. On the other hand, I was somehow exposed to partyin' and clubbin' back when I was studying abroad. It surely is a great place to start meeting new people.

We went to this strip bar where this pole dancer had to take off her clothes and I did not know how to react with my peers. It is quite embarrassing but surely I had a hold of myself and made it through the night. That being said, I always make it a point that I meet new people in the right places, at the right time, with the right people.

If you're a casual drinker, it's much easier!
You can buy someone you like a drink, maybe suggesting some hints that you want a small chat, that would obviously lead to getting her number. Incidentally, it was I who got a drink from a girl that I didn't expect. I liked that idea, but not so much the difference between us so it didn't really work out.

Trying things will lead you in the most unexpected experiences!
What matters is that you can try and in every try you become a smarter man.