How Long Before Planning for A baby?

Dear Clover,5 years ago

How long should I be with my spouse before we plan on having a baby? What criteria should we look at before we decide to have a child? How much money should we have saved? What issues may we run into if we have been married less than a year? Any other advice would be appreciated.

Wants a Baby

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Dear Wants a Baby,5 years ago

That is one tough topic! I don't know if there are ideal answers to any of your questions. Think about your age and where your life is. Are there things you want to accomplish before having a baby, or is having a baby what you want to accomplish? It differs with each couple, so as long as your aren't a teenager, age is really your choice.

Take a long look at finances; the cost of having and raising a baby adds up very fast. You need to be able to meet the basic requirements for your family without going into debt. Reliable transportation is a necessity with a baby, you can’t do without it.

There is no right length of time to be with someone before having a baby. What’s more important is that your relationship/marriage is stable enough to endure the demands and sacrifices required to have and raise a baby. Sometimes pregnancies just plain happen. However, once you have a baby, you will feel love like never before and you just find a way to make it work. Your baby becomes top priority and life revolves around them.

I wish I could give you some sound answers, but when it comes to babies, there just isn’t any. Go with your own gut feelings and forget about what anyone else thinks. Once a baby is born, their opinions and advice go right out the window. Good luck to you with whatever you decide.


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