Should I Propose in Front of her Friends?

My girlfriend is extremely shy in front of people and said that she doesn't want a huge crowd if I propose to her. She has had a group of 6...

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Bridal Shower for both bride & groom to be

My son is getting married and the bridesmaids are having a shower for both the bride & groom to be. The immediate men in the families are invited with...

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Small or Large Wedding?

I am getting married at the end of this year. I am torn between having a larger wedding or a small wedding. On one hand, I want the wedding to...

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1 answer · latest 5 years ago by kinsley91 5 years ago

My girlfriend wants to get married soon and wants me to propose.

My girlfriend has been asking me to marry her for a while now (over one year). We are agreeing on a wedding soon and everyone knows about it (even though...

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Not Invited

Last week my fiance received an invitation to his cousin's wedding. My name was not included in the invitation and it did not say "and guest" either. At...

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Seating Arrangements

I'll be getting married next year and need some advice regarding family seating arrangements. Some Mom continued to raise me after my Dad left her when I was 10...

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Pregnant Bride

My fiance and I have been planning our wedding for nearly a year now, and it just four months from now. We're planning a relatively fancy event with a...

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