Daughter-in-law disrespectful?

My family came for dinner this week with invitation. At first the plan was to have meal cooked indoors but due to hot weather I chose to have a barbeque...

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My Cheapskate Father

My dad is always bragging about how he is the highest paid in the Union he belongs to. He flirts with waitress at every restaurant we eat in but...

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Girlfriend and her attitude in public

I love my girlfriend to death and she is a sweet, supportive person in every way... except one. For whatever reason, she doesn't seem to think tipping waitresses at restaurants...

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Phone and Friends

I have a lot of friends that like to go on and on about different things when I get on the phone with them. It's not like I have...

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Ignorant Tippers

I manage part time a few restaurants and we have travelers from all over the world. Some of them are not familiar with our tipping or gratuity standards. ...

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Graduation Party

I will be graduating from college in a few weeks and the whole "after party" thing is becoming a problem. Being that I technically graduated already and have already started...

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