Obsessed with boyfriends past and attraction to older women.

He and I have been dating almost 2 years. He's 50 never married, I'm 48 and a widow. At first I was okay knowing that there were a lot...

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Emotionally Unavailable Partner

We have been together two and a half years and these issues have become more frequent and upsetting to me. I am told I am just being to sensitive but...

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My boyfriend has trouble talking about deep topics.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We have had our hardships, some much heavier than others, but we've managed to get through them and we are...

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I'm terrified for my future

My parents are both old. And I'm still in high school. My mom is 55 and my dad is 65. My dad is sick and he can die at any...

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Verbally abuse son in law

I have done everything I can to try to be nice to my son in law but every time I go to visit he insults me. I know he...

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Toxic sister

How do you deal with a sister who post lies, horrible stories and hateful comments about you. She handmade up complete lies that produce so much stress my mother is...

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My girlfriend lives in another Town and I am thinking of flying down to propose to her because a lot of her friends are down and then it would create...

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What do I do next??

Im not married, however my boyfriend i have known each other 5 years, 3 of which have dated. He is truly my best friend and we do everything together. neither...

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Hey I would love to try out for an advisor , but I am new to dear clover do u accept new advisors?...

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Erectile disfunction

My husband and I have had a amazing sex life until recently after we married 4 months ago, he does have medical issues but we went from having sex 5...

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