Boyfriend won't tell his mother about me

My boyfriend and I have been together for nine months, and my family have all seen lots of pictures of him and his kids. We are living together. His mother...


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Dating and depression

I help people for a living and feel as though I can't help myself, at least in my personal life. I recently left, backed away, from a relationship because he...


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LDR-Lack of Commitment

I have been in a relationship for 5 years. 1 1/2 yrs ago, I moved 2hrs away for a job (I had been laid off). Since then we have seen...


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What to do about my long distance?

I met this guy on Facebook who is originally from my home country but moved to New York. We started talking and then it became flirting until eventually we fell...

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break up

Ok so i been with this guy for six in a half months every thing was going super amazing never really argue then boom i get preggo we do not...

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Moved in libido moved out

I've been with my current girlfriend for over two years and had always had a very healthy sexual appetite, which resulted in a fantastic love life for us both. ...

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My Dating Life

Its been a while since I've dated. I broke up with my girlfriend during a stressful time, and didn't want to go right into another relationship. It's been...


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Moving in!

I'm about to move in with my girlfriend, but I've been reading all kinds of studies about how bad this could be for the relationship. The studies often cite the...

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Is he(20) really really shy or just not interested in me (18)?

Back in 7th grade I used to know this guy from an exchange program, we became friends but lost touch once the program was over and never talked again for...


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How to keep a relationship going when financial stressors hit

My relationship with my long-term boyfriend has it's hardships but is overall pretty fantastic. Lately, however, I've been unusually stressed out over financial matters (finding a second job, rent increases,...

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