How to help a sister dealing with a breakup?

My sister just broke up with her long term (2 years) boyfriend. She's devastated.. what can I do to help?...

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1 year break-up

I used to have strong feelings for my girlfriend and had high aspirations of where our relationship could go. However, it appears that I have lost my feelings for her...

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Ex-Wife Not Paying Car Payments

My ex-wife is suppose to pay half of the car payments that didn't get paid during the divorce. The total now is about 650 dollars and she won't pay because...

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3 answers · latest 1 year ago by Auntsar 5 years ago

Taking female friend on vacation

I have been dating a girl for over a year. Recently, I believe I have been losing my feelings for her and am planning to break it off. However, I...

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Breaking-off a 1 year relationship

My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now and our one-year anniversary is coming up soon. I believed the relationship had the potential to be great...

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I'm living in Tamil Nadu. I've been married for three years now. Now I have a 2 month child. I found out that 6 months ago my...

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Exgirlfriend on the same online dating site

My girlfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago. She broke up with me. Though we did have some differences she doesn't seem to be that emotionally mature, anyway...

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4 answers · latest 2 years ago by simonrr 5 years ago

Can't Let Go

I am with someone who caused me much emotional pain over the last two years. I have left him and gone back to him on many occasions. I have had it...

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