Ignorant Tippers

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Dear anonymous,4 years ago

I believe the worst thing you can do is embarrass or offend a customer by asking them for more money after they have paid. You need to either figure out a way to educate them before they pay or let it go. Printing suggested tip amounts on the bill might help, and I have liked this in the past, but if they don't understand the language that won't help. Maybe you can have something on the menu, bill or somewhere posted that explains in different languages the American customs. Make it fun, or artsy, something that fits the character of the restaurant but doesn't make people feel like they are being talked down to.


Dear anonymous,4 years ago

One thing the cashier could do before ringing up the bill, is to ask the customer if they want to include a tip. When I go to restaurants and I pay by credit card, the cashier always asks me that. If I pay in cash, the cashier asks me the same question, especially if I'm due some change. It's a tactful way to ask for a tip.

I definitely don't think that the restaurant should demand a tip. That's rude and will only agitate the customer. But there are ways to ask that sound more gracious, and I think the above mentioned way, is a good one.

Of course, there will always be people who won't tip at all, because they just have no knowledge of how hard it is to be a waitress. Fortunately, those people are few and far between...