Graduation Party

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Dear Party Pooper,4 years ago

I am very much happy to note that you will be graduating from college in a few weeks. I am quite aware that your parents and near and dear will also be proud of you. Though it will be a happy occasion to celebrate,in my opinion I wont advise you to spend at this juncture, But as your parents want you to arrange dinner, it is better you arrange it but better you restrict your expenses to $300 limiting the dinner to your family members only. You have a long way to go and when you start earning you can host as many dinners as possible to the satisfaction of all those who like to invite. I will also be a sure participant on such nice occasions.


Dear Party Pooper,4 years ago

My advice in your situation is to invite the family to the dinner and have the additional friends only attend the commencements. That way your budget will stay in check and you will not have to worry about offending anyone. Any friends or friends of the family will certainly not expect a new graduate to pay for their dinner. Plus, once you include friends it is very difficult to draw a line as far as where to stop and who to or not to include; it can get very complicated. I'm sure your friends and friends of the family will just be happy for the invitation to the commencements. Just another thought, if its your parents who want the friends to join you for dinner, maybe they would consider paying the extra $300. Either way, everyone will have a great time, just enjoy the celebration! You deserve it!