Game Anyone?

Dear Clover,127 years ago

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in playing some kind of game in the lounge? I've listed a few to see if there is any interest, but if you have ideas, we can play those to.

Start a post going with the first partial sentence always being:
I'd rather be shot in the knee than...
Being shot in the head, (my answer)

I'd rather be shot in the knee than,
Eat my sister's cooking............(another posters answer)
The game would continue until we are out of answers

ABC can use any topic, movie stars, countries, cities, movie, television show
(Using cities)
A = Algonac
B = next posters answer
C= next posters answer
next poster enter a city that begins with D, and so on, once we get to the letter Z, we can start over with a new topic

Word Scramble, start with a four or five letter word, next poster can change one letter in the word to make a new word.

HAIR first word can be anything, I just made this one up

HARE Next persons answer....they changed the I to an E

BARE Next persons answer....they changed the H to a B
If we all play, the game can be played forever.

Anyone want to play? Count me in whatever game you want.


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Dear Aunt_Lucy,127 years ago

Fun idea!


Is that right?


Dear Aunt_Lucy,127 years ago

Hey Starfish, I'll play



Dear Aunt_Lucy,126 years ago

Let me try,



Dear Aunt_Lucy,122 years ago

HARK --> HARE (now we've made it to the example word :)