Body Odor Alert

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Dear Stench Wench,4 years ago

Since you have tried everything you possibly can, the only choices you have left are to limit your contact to phone calls, wear a nose plug, or end the friendship. I’m not quite sure why you want to remain friends since she has made no effort to take your suggestions or conversations seriously and has flat out lied to you. However, it’s evident you are bothered enough to question the friendship and ask for help.

Each time you avoid her or her phone calls, you take one more step toward ending the friendship. That indicates you already know what direction to take, but you want to do it amicably. She should be sensing this by now, but is probably ignoring it, just like everything else. Normally, I would have a face-to-face conversation, but in this situation, I think an email will suffice. You have been nothing but kind, patient, loving, respectful, and helpful to her so she has no one to blame but herself.